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The ReCBAFT, which contains of three research groups, deals with research concerning processing, quality control, preservation, and safety of marine food through biochemical and biotechnological techniques. The center also analyzes materials specificity of marine products to find more effective utilizations as foods, medical drugs, and industrial materials without waste. Of particular concern are:

►Development of an evaluation approach and evaluation of safety, reliability, and human health for marine products.
►Development of safety management technologies used in detection, control, and monitoring of marine biotoxins and harmful bacteria responsible for foodborne diseases in marine foods.
►Investigating new, useful materials for food, drug, and industrial products from marine organisms.
►Development of technologies for quality and preservation of fishery products for supply of high-quality marine products.
Distinction of place-origin of the Manila clam (Ruditapes philippinarum) by Ruby multi-element analysis
Nondestructive detection of fresh or defrosted fish using Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Fish sauce made from local marine products and/or by-catch fish
A high-performance nuclear magnetic resonance instrument with a cryoprobe and autosampler (800 MHz)
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